Thursday, January 20, 2011

cuttin the time

usually u would think that "cuttin the time"
means that i am hatin life and not enjoyin one moment of my time
then you got to realize that u havent met me
you would find laughter

and joy


and all good things w/ a smile included
well, and some sick conversations of coarse
cuz i dont really talk bout anything else interesting
today i have "cut my time"
off of many things that is

5:27 minute mile
kyle says i should make a goal to run a 4:00 mile
no grassyass
to much dedication
but i guess spending 5 hours a day in the gym
is more like obsession
and dumb
not dumb but smart
"i have nothing better to do with my time"
i tell me father
well, ok
and i cut some body fat
if i say cut some weight my mother freaks
so i say to her
"cut some body fat"
damn fat boy if i dont reckon
maybe i could obsess
repeat spring 2008
get to 154lbs
then i think i could weigh in at feather weight
and kick
and punch
and submission some bitches

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