Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the home stretch

thank god for the chicago bears losing
now i dont have to hear all the fair-weathered fans of Chicago
that r fair-weathered sport fans
only when Chicago is somewhere in the realm of losing
say how awesome their team is
Thank the fuckin lord

passed both my winter session classes
now the home stretch of 18 credits

Ethics (of Native Americans) oh joy
Music Theory 2
Adv Research Ceramics
Ancient American Art
Drawin 2
Society in Geog (elite groups of geo-bros)

gonna do it

and playin with BVR (broken valley roadshow)
and now full time with
Lil Smokies

i have no life now
i cant even really get stoned and stare at my ceiling
What is the fun in that anyway?

cant wait to be done
cuz i will be with no house
and just a few tee-shirts
and a shat load of socks (cuz i dont like smelly feet)
maybe i will find one of those
which love will eventually fall into place

lets not hope for the best now

gonna try to make it out to whiskey on sat
only if i dont stay out all night
Lil Smokies at the Top Hat this friday
come and have some fun with me
and the DOW topped 12000
prolly means another tourist attack

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