Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finished 'Er Off

like when shes just a willin little pup
take 'er 'ome

well, 2011
my conspiracy year is here
(say slow) the year 2000 and 11

spend new years in blackfoot idaho
as i stepped into the gas station for a restroom break
i heard fireworks
"happy new year"
kyle looked like a dazed kitten on crack

drove from bishop ---> missoula

12:45pm pacific time ---> 5:30am mountain time

lonnnng drive
but as i got tired-er
i just put on phish, and rocked out
ya know braaa
totally tubular braaaa
nar nar nar

the roads fuckin blow from idaho border allll the way
to missoula

havent taken a shower since i left missoula
and got back this morn to find my shower had a nasty little puddle
fuck, a sink shower to wipe down my parts
but i still have a homeless persons looking hair

the last day in bishop, climbed pow pow
hiiiiiya, (karate chop)
and finally did the greasy, abused, and raped "the hulk"

wasnt there for kyles almost death on atari
guess he took the fall that everyone doesnt want to take
he seemed pretty bummed bout not sending but whatever
we were out of missoula
and now
i am back in missoula
yeppee yay
going to go take another sink shower
this time more washing
anyone wanna help?

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