Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I havent ran, run, runn-ed, or whatever that sport is called
except my internal clock is all about getting me up at 6:00am
so this 6:00am, i got out of bed, brush my pearls,
and headed to the gym for my rest day
(rest days include, not climbing)
so everything else
could include biceps, but not today
weird squat things i do, but not today
back shit, but not today
running, never, but today i did
i swear it had been sometime
so i just looked back to 7th grade physical ed class
and when they test u on various strengths
or just to make the fat kids feel really fuckin bad
i think ran the ole mile in 6:11 or somewhere around that obscure number
but today, not running for ever
i made it in 6:32
heck yea
maybe i might train for like marathons and shit
ha, i thought bout smokin like 3 weeks ago

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