Sunday, January 9, 2011

thinking about the past

yeah, we all do it
i was just thinkin bout the time i "locked myself in the shed"
(no peoples names or places were change)
(due to, 'why not, right?')

this ole tale ya say
well, when i was in 7th or 8th grade
i was a sneaky little feller that snuck out
to head to a particular girls house
Tristen her name was

oh Tristen, where ever you are today
knowing that ur from gillette, wyo
you probably still live there and have ten kids

anyways, she was a more developing 'girl' than most in 7th grade
more than plump than perky
if ya know what i mean

so i snuck out
and headed over the field, crossed the street
headed down Lakeview Dr.
hopped the fence of Paintbrush Elementary (kindergarden-2nd)
then made it to her some-what-tree-house
and did what 7th or 8th graders do
nono, not smoke dope
make-out and have wunderous ideas about different amazing thoughts
time rolls around, 5am or so
and have to head home where i sleep
so back over the fence
up Lakeview Dr.
and over the hill
but going over the hill
i see that my father is outside
ohhh shit
so i device a plan
right there and then

so i went back down the hill,
around the field
cut across the Giltner's backyard
and went through another field
then there i was
at the back fence of my house
shit shit
so i stripped down to my skimpies (undies)-(underwear)
and hid my clothes
and peeked over the fence
shit shit
all clear i thought
and hopped the fence
opened the shed and went inside
closed the door
oh, it was also cold-as-shit outside
sat there for a bit, while my skin got colder
and grabbed a potato sack
opened the shed
and went to the back door
and made myself think
u didnt sneak out, u didnt sneak out
knocked on it, and my father opened it
whose was pretty mad/sad/every shitty emotion when your kid is disappeared
(not the last time this would happen)
i told him
"i got locked in the shed"
"i was looking for a computer cord"
(our old computer cords and shit was in the shed)
he didnt believe me, or sort of didnt
we both went to the shed
after i put on some clothes
and he checked out how the hell i got "locked in the shed"
i think god was there for me that day
cuz if you slam the doors shut,
the hinge locks it by a swinging motion
but you can open it by just pulling one door
and pushing the other

so i got locked in a shed
and more better--> still havent talked about that incident to my folks since it happened
dear o dear me
maybe one day

so a lesson to anyone that wants a lesson
-No need to bring up the past-
-Just think about it-

wait what

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