Friday, January 7, 2011


some good-lookin old couple just won 380 million dollars
shit yea
i need to start playin
try to get hit by lightning
got eatin by a shark
i think that is my chances
Powerball Baby
if i won
i was thinkin of what i would do
as do most of us if "it" would happen

-1 thing-
maybe go around and sue people
got nothing better to do with 380 Million
well that and buy a castle
but think about it

Does subway always give you a 12" sub?

this could be a very good argument
you may not be getting your moneys worth
bring in a ruler,
which they are usually a few centimeters bulgy on both sides

Sue the shit out of them.


Try to get a job at McDonalds
and then claim dis-ability
for me this would easy
cuz im a tard

and then sue them
for something

lets get sue-happy people come on

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