Tuesday, October 25, 2011


there was an inside joke
a couple of years ago
about "Spiderrr Fighttt"
but you say it with grit
and sort of a hisssss voice

only makes me laugh really hard
we were all probably blackout
when doing this

there was no fight unfortunately
but only a lonely spider

well, maybe not, ill wait for another time
to get more "gritty"

just that this particular spider
usually eats its male "buddy"
after "buddy-ing"

the funny thing is..
guaranteed ill get texted tonight or the next
and i will accept

and also
i always wondered about emotions in texting
if you text, just fuckin call
or maybe cuz sppppiiidersss cant sppppeeeeaak

maybe i should be a hero
and be this guy

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