Thursday, October 13, 2011


purple lips
and laughter

red lips
and laughter

this what happens
on occasion
not usually though

not really
but yea

with squinches new garth glasses

usually when u dont wear glasses
your vision is blurred
usually when u dont wear glasses
i am never blurred out of your vision

weird huh
must be something to do with something

not sure what that means
but something spe-she-all i bet

hopefully "my people"
that let me be "not homeless"
will miss me when im gone
well, i know they will
cuz they tell me that
i think they whisper in my ear when i sleep

"wwwwwere gonna misssssss you"

but luckly, for them, ha
i am moving 2 blocks away

were gonna build one of those
can - string - can devices
and talk to each other
every night at 7:00 pm
unless i have to put the kids away

here is
4 Garths
without the upper lip tuck in

mr. urs truthfully


mr. man

dr. miss

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