Monday, October 10, 2011

Fake it, right

Look at my smile
Look at that

a definition of
"A Fake Smile"

i think cuz i am free
for women.. that is
sure ill do a million or two $$$$
for 80+

but gonna need a gallon of
"you know what"
for those old ladies
do u think they sell that at costco

"do u have a gallon of 'you know what' "
"oh, and a pack of 400 of 'ya knows' "

"uhhhh, nope"

oh well
always needed a little sparkee runnin 'round
with an old sugar mama

my day today, consists
of possibly going to the old folks home
and pickin up some love
and cutting up paper
for art
and then finding a zephyrus northface for cheap
and then meetin with a realtor
then fine dining with a lady
and then cuddling up..


with a sweet flower print pillow

"yeah, its mine"
and ive had it for a long time
thanks mom!!!!!

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