Sunday, October 16, 2011

all by my lonesome


i have no wallet
(lost it)
no debt card (to get money out)
no id (to show someone)
no money (to buy a beer)
no insurance card (to show a cop if pulled over)
no stamps (to send letters to lovers)
no safeway card (to buy an orange)
no groove can business card (to show people)

other cards too
that are important
but maybe not

some people say they want their houses to burn down
so they can get rid of all there shit
and collect insurance money and start over
unfortunately i do not collect
and dont want shit to burn
but i did need a new debt card
"far to many swipes"

luckly i can move in tomorrow
or somewhat "move in"
cuz i feel like this

but that raven or crow
is still smiling
i bet my wallet is somewhere safe though

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