Sunday, October 2, 2011


Some friends, great friends
well, the house im currently reclining in's owner
went to visit a funeral
or that sounds bad
went to give condolences in my hometown
Gillette, WYO

i politely asked them if they could go to my home
my childhood home
and of coarse take a pic

and they did
thank YOUU

they took some bushes out
but it looks nice

i lived here for 18 years
i lived in the 3rd window to the left
til bout 6th grade
then moved the the left 2
let me tell you
i snuck and out made out
with thee ladies
a few to many times
there is a tale that i cannot tell
bout one time
maybe another time

havent been back to gtown
in like 3 to 4 years
no need
cuz my folks live here now

why am i donig this
writin bout houses
being 27 in all
pure young sweet handsomeness
and a butter rye toast will
get you fuuuther and farther
away from something
not sure what

oh fuckin retired people, jeeezzz

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