Thursday, October 27, 2011

the good genes

some families prolly have good genes
some families have meth geans
party genes
skinny JEANS (damn hip-sters)
and others just have great genes

some of my genes consist of

Reeeetard Gene
o, mentally handi i mean

YMCA mom and pops gene

Dean Genes
'none of what u think'
just inspire-each-other-smoke-cigs-find-rock-gene

Child Gene
'73% all day'
except when i perform, ya know what i mean!!!!!

killer among the beasts gene

Super Gumby Gene

oh and another Gumbeee

there are other wonderful genes
but these are an example
of if u are a pretty young thang, can have.

no, dont be scared
hopefully no young thang will know i do this
cuz i could probably go to jail
of be hated be the likes

in my life
i look for
willing to ya know

oh, and the spida is back for a bit
who knows
but it is a long story
basically i should be a business man
in that venture

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