Monday, June 6, 2011

back from yellerstone

had a blast with the yellerstone wedding
drank with the
Buffalo Field Campaigners
if u dont know who these people are
find out,
i was asking nate (mandolin player)
what you call these people
ya know (hipsters, druggies, whatever)
he said they are called
Do It Yourself

so a cross between
reallllly nice people, and hippie-ster
it was awesome
loads of homemade wine
and loads and loads of it

forgot my SD card today
but pictures sooner than later

spaulding and i r heading to tensleep
today for 2 weeks
i love that place
gonna climb
project the projects
crossin my fingers on 'Hellion'
but first a few days of enduro central

"im going to the country
babe, dont you wanna go"


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