Thursday, June 9, 2011

the one millionth sleep

"sleepin like a baby
in the back of my car"

that is the start of the new rap song i created
the rest is just some biblical references
ya know, that kind of stuff

had a fun drive to the land of
Ten Sleep

went through 2 of the crazy-est hail storms ever
now my car looks wunderful
little bruises here and there
but looks like a beatin wife
in the 80's
"everythings gonna be ok honey"

but we made it and now we climb
and then climbed again
and then rain and slight hail
and then rest today
fun times
did a climb i have been wanting to do forever
and it took 2 goes, woooo
Napalm Death 12c/d

jesse's got some photo's
and i have a few to share
"prepare for great-beautiful-things"
that should be the awareness of ratures
fuckin religion!!!

Brandon, Molly, Bree, and Jesse

I owe Jesse a 6-pack of beer
he had two rocks and two bottles to slingshot
and he did them both
lucky fuckin dude

Fire and Hell

and a random pic from YellerStone last weekend

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