Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well, we or maybe just i
figured that that Lolo fugitive
is long gone now,
or in some friends extra storage room
waitin for the right moment to surprise the kids

"boooo, (bam) "

crazy ole feller ill tell you that

still cloud after cloud with
spurts of blue and sun
but no solid day of nice shit
or maybe i just forgot if there was one

jesse and i are pretty much loaded
with gear mania
got my crane two days ago or three or something
thanks samsquinch for letting my send it to ur house
this thing can get 12 feet long
hell yeah
jesse has his octocopter flying 'round

gonna go to lolo this next week and make some video action
time to test and video-n

speakin of climbn videos
have u ever "noticed"
that there are literally hundreds

(sorry for you who have done that)
(no harsh feelings)

of climbing videos, where
they start or in the middle
put the camera in the car dash or out the side
and speed up the film so
you can see the zooooomee fast landscape
no joke
shit tons of climbn videos r like that
no, really, go watch a video
prolly 1 of 3 are that
yea, it is great
it could maybe just be simmered down a bit, huh?


oh and an idea
yes, this blogging could give a copyright right?
slow motion is huge in sports too now
and that is badass
but sport films dont make a whole lot
but guess what does

think of it
slow motion porn
oh yea
just all up in ur mind now
ewwwww yeaaaa
i think i could make millions with slow mo porn
how many overaged sexual offenders would buy that shit
so dont steal my idea

in other Sparker news
for the last 10 years i give myself a buzz cut
once or twice a year
was the first non buzz hair cut in 10 years
maybe even 11 years

and i look sharper than a whittled piece of wood

now i can climb without hair in my dark eyes

1 comment:

  1. You need a contest to put a caption on that photo. Winner gets a guest roll in your first slow mo porno, or at least is allowed to hold your crane for an hour.

    How 'bout Dave Graham's and Chad Greedy's entry into the video game last fall with that Island series? Split screen, maybe quad screen? That was *almost* something new. But not quite. But mainly, they had footage of going down, down, down into Wolvo land. It went on forever. Forever. Don't do that.