Thursday, June 30, 2011

Being "Almost" Homeless

I sort of have been feeling homeless lately.
I dont technically have a job
or my job is like a homeless person
play music for people to pay me
like a homeless on the corner

I eat pretty homeless.
not out of garbages but almost
my roomate wonders why i eat the same thing every night
carrots(cheap), noodles(cheap), chicken bouillon(cheap),
and my daily vitamins (twice a day)
for that more nutritious habits

I have a many lot of friends
like a homeless person
ya know, the cool ones
the rad ones
the ones u dont really want to hang out with
but u have to

I get to c places like homeless people
well, in a different climbing perspective
no hitchhiking, but almost
live in the dirt
and not take showers
well in the river

in other sparkered news
going to the city of rocks on sunday
and then maple canyon on the next thursday

here is a pic from cams 30th bday bbq


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