Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nye, MT

at the folks house in NYE, MT
if you dont know where it is
there isnt much but
a post office
a sml store (for beer n chips)
and a bar
and in 'a' middle of somewhere

jesse and i r here on a mission
to shoot my fathers 30-40 something guns
especially his sig-sauer
make some funny videos
while shooting guns
jump some atv's

we have accomplished two things already

edit from mother parker for nat geo grant
and steak and beer
shit yea

good stuff

ill have a wrap up of ten sleep
sooner than later
with some more awesome photos
oh jesse 'no-more-fragile-boy' spauldo
send 12c
holy shit man
he is coming around
but for now

" i make huge breakfast in the place"

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