Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well, summer showed some shitty hot weather
shatty because i really enjoy sweatshirts

like all who are some what bum-ish
i went out and got sunburnt from the gods of hell
and dehydrated
and sore

jesse and i went out to go get in shape
for "overseas"

we did the "bi-fecta"

my mom's muscle tee (8 pitches?)
then rapped down and walked over to shaa-shown
and did that
and then ran out of water and other life things
and walked down
it was an amazing day to say the most

i am sore
in my back,
my toes,
my shoulder,
my skin,
my eyes,
a couple of bones in my spine,
and so on

so next week we are going to do the
and so on
after that maybe do
"poison flower"
instead of the original shaa-shown
yeaaaa summer time

soon to take some pics somewhere
and post them

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