Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some more Ten Sleep Writing

Some other things that i wrote down

1.Something fun to do
How far can u make it?

We decided to coast in neutral
all the way from the climbing parking lot
of TenSleep
into town
around 14 miles of it
Old Jette(r) made it to Carter Access Area
literally 1/2 mile from the town of Ten Sleep
SOOO Close
it was so much fun, cars passin
and yes
we tried all the way to a complete stop
on the highway

How far can u Make It?

2. Took my 2nd Ten Sleep Shower Ever
in the creek that is
My head was numb for sure

3. overall climbing
Got pumped as shit
cuz ive been bouldering for some months
and some

4. Realized i need to get a therma-rest
and not sleep on my crashpad
"gettin soft"
as they say

5. what up with snow on June 8th
felt like december
i forgot for a second how to spell "feb-u-airy"

6. And of coarse
Dreamt about Dream Girls (Double-Time)

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